At the core of our ethos stands the belief that jewellery has the potential to inspire you and those within your intimate circles.
Our range is made to evoke feelings of joy, pleasure and happiness whilst being adorned with an uplifting piece of fine jewellery.
Eternalise an occasion with a timeless gift set with exquisite gems & diamonds.


Our jewels are handmade in some of the best workshops in Asia. As we support a sustainable, environmentally-friendly supply chain, we launch bespoke productions as soon as orders are placed, ensuring that the best quality diamonds are used in your purchase.
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From inception to completion, One Six offers a seamless tailor-made service to bring your ideas to reality. Be it a loose diamond, an engagement ring or a tennis bracelet, we can provide you with an all emcompassing bespoke service.

Our motivation is to design pieces of jewellery that are crafted to inspire. Situated in Hong Kong, our customers hail from all corners of the world. We believe in delivering value and thoughtful design in all that we do.


The entire process, from creation through to delivery is important for us.
As such, we only deliver to addresses in HONG KONG.
For international enquiries, please contact us here and we will calculate shipping rates for you.


As our core business remains sourcing outstanding precious stones fro around the world, we look to bring you investment pieces, unique stones at exceptional prices throughout the year.
We value our brands. Create a corporate account with us now, and be the first to find out about the newest gems on the market.